Sunday, 28 January 2018

Brothers from different mothers

The first time we introduced Pierre to River, I genuinely felt like I could have cooked the dog and eaten him and not cared. Our parents looked after him while we were at the hospital and for the first night we had back at home. This was clearly enough time for me to completely eradicate any love I felt for him because I felt like he was going to hurt my baby somehow...

Pre-birthing, I was very much up for the 'let the dog sniff him' introduction; advice that we had been given by both family and google. Pierre has never bitten or been aggressive at all; he even gets bullied by the cats in our street, he's THAT much of a wimp. But once that baby popped out of me, Pierre was, in my eyes, a demonic baby eater and I couldn't bear the thought of them being around each other.  Nonetheless, we let the dog sniff him. We let him lick his hands and sit by us when we were holding River and I began to sweat less each time it happened.

It took me a good couple of weeks before I eventually stopped panicking that the dog might accidentally kill the baby (God bless stair gates in every doorway). I was constantly worried that the moment I didn't have River in my arms, Pierre would step on him or scratch him or lick his mouth so much he couldn't breathe. Nobody can tell you how irrational you're being when you feel like that and it's equally as difficult to explain the irrationality to your partner. You love your baby so much and they're so tiny and helpless, you just want to protect them from the world and everything in it, meanwhile your boyfriend is planning every matching boy/dog halloween costume for the next 10 years and asking when River can ride Pierre like a horse.

Currently, River is in the I WANT TO GRAB AND PUT EVERYTHING IN MY MOUTH phase which is both hilarious and annoying. He will grab at the dog and pull his ears and Pierre won't even flinch which is incredible. If anything I'm beginning to worry about the dogs wellbeing when he's around River.
The dog has proved to be really protective and loving towards River and isn't jealous at all. Keeping them apart would have no doubt resulted in a sulky, jealous dog and I'm glad that they've become brothers from different mothers. Don't get me wrong, I still NEVER leave them alone in the same room because Pierre is an animal and as much as I love and trust him, I'll never trust him with my baby. Mainly because he can't change nappies very well at all. ALWAYS puts them on backwards. Dickhead. 


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