Sunday, 21 January 2018


I'm 28 years old and currently winging my way through motherhood with my son River, my partner Jason and our weird housemate Pierre.
As much as I like to steer clear of showing enthusiasm about anything, I really enjoy writing and decided that I should start documenting my experiences (like no other mums are doing online) even if it's only going to be me reading it back in a years time; weeping into a Pringle pot, distraught about how much River has grown up.
Since graduating university, I haven't taken any opportunities to write and instead, I've dedicated my spare time to more important matters such as intensely googling celebrities with small foreheads. However, this is starting to wear a bit thin and while I'm off work (although let's save the Mum-is-a-job topic for a different post. Hashtag feminism) I've got the time to do it. So I will. Here it is.

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